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  • Publicado : 28 de febrero de 2011
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How does curriculum development change when it is viewed as professional development?

Effective teaching is a product of articulating new knowledge to create ways for learning opportunities.Professional development is an essential element in constructing wider options in schools
Then, indeed it is necessary to know the curriculum once a lifetime because is by exploring the theoreticalframework under our teaching practices are justified and methodologies are oriented that we can contribute to enrich curriculum development in our real contexts.
First of all, this will allow us toestablish in a clearer way what we expect from the teaching of English in the school and to what extent we will be able to deepen students learning process and even our learning as teachers according to thecurriculum educational reality. For example, if in a school curriculum is emphasized the element of technology the most, it would be appropriate or more suitable for the in-service teacher to startsome training in the use of technology to improve English at school. So that teacher development of their teaching practices doesn’t stop here, it is an ongoing process, in which the teacher is also aresearcher that should take decisions on what items should be added or removed in order to develop a coherent and logical English program or syllabus. As a matter of fact, what is left for a teacher iscreating a balance between state standards and policies and school autonomy to match students own situation with their socio-cultural context.

Secondly, as teachers we can change curriculumdevelopment by adapting our teaching to the context reality we are in. From my personal teaching experience I consider that it is teachers’ engagement and active role what makes students learn English,because one can design activities if resources are not available in the school we are teaching, for instance, if there is not a guidebook to follow or tape recorder to teach listening. So, it is...
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