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During the 16th century Spanish culture was driven by religion and politics. At the time, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabelle of Castilla, also known as Catholic Monarchs got married and with this,both kingdoms unified and grew together. This way, Spain finally conquered the last Muslim territory, Granada, spreading Christianity throughout the whole peninsula. After this conquest, theexpulsion of all the Jews began. The Jews had to convert to the Christian religion, if not they were evicted from Spain or killed, which became one of the main reasons of the Spanish Inquisition. Spain,during the 16th century was a country of power, restless doubt, rigid faith, fear and ignorance. All of this was due to the beliefs and knowledge people had acquired from their ancestor. At the time,the inquisition was taking place in Spain, which provoked people to live in fear and not be able to take own decision. No one dared to face or confront any superior, any belief that had beenestablished. Believing in something different, breaking the rule, challenging a superior could cause their own death.
As seen in Ridley Scott’s movie, 1492, The Conquest of Paradise, during this times themonarchy and the inquisition persecuted men for having the courage to dream. Everything, every dispute was solved with punishment like death or suffering. This is clearly depicted throughout themovie since from the beginning we saw how a few people were being burned because of their sins. Another example were this is shown is when Murxica cut the Indian’s hand because he thought the Indian waslying to him and hiding gold. Furthermore, the hierarchy of power had a huge impact and it was clearly noticeable the difference between the different social classes. In the movie we saw how theQueen Isabelle had the last word, she had the power. This was shown when Christopher Columbus had his hearing in regards to his voyage, which was denied, but afterwards he talked with the Queen and...
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