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Today we are all aware of the importance of knowing and even dominate another language other than our language mother, and more specifically of English. Everyone, in addition, we have studied English in school, the Institute, at private academies, etc, but to dominate without leaving our House is practically unworkable. The existing programmes arevery varied and depend not only on the needs of each student, but also their interests and motivations.

The existence of many languages around the world, has forced apart from our native tongue, necessarily have to learn one or more languages. The choice of each person depends on the reality of their country and what the language of greater demand. Today, English is possessing more followersand increasingly, the figures are rising.

Schools or centres of languages are present almost in all cities. All people want to be part of the English language, and while the opportunity is present, anyone can access learning a foreign language. As well as the English language is present in the reality of any society, the same happens on the Internet, you will be moving to the traditionalmedia.

English language is gradually becoming the second language used on the Internet. In the first instance is the Spanish practically as a fact that most people that dominates this language has the ability to access the Internet, either at home or in a public car, the reality is that it is no longer difficult to be part of the globalized world of today.

In learning any of the languages thatexist worldwide, the use of vocabulary must have in mind. For many just perhaps important attendance at all classes and study for the final exam. But actually, if there is not tracked for each new words, it will be almost impossible to understand the texts and the course indications.

Therefore, the use of vocabulary must be constant. Another wrong conception is that only students of the corelevel should be the only ones who have to worry about the meaning of the words, but those already going to finish the course of foreign language do not have this need. However, learning of new terms should not be limited to a level of education or knowledge of students.

Elementary classes do not gave you the importance due to the use of vocabulary, then, will be difficult to acquire the habit inthe toughest topics. Everything depends on the student is aware of their learning and it is not enough allotted in the classroom. It will be better if he strives and makes every effort to learn more about this new language.

To fulfil this duty, we cannot forget the work which meets the dictionary. Nowadays, no longer used simply to know the meaning of the words, but also offers severalexamples and correct situations in which that term should be used. The dictionary is indicated plug-in for excellent learning any of the languages that exist.

The student must have an own dictionary and carried all of their classes. New words are always known, and therefore the use of the dictionary will be essential. More even if it's the final exam or very important practice. Get an excellentrating or stay simply relegated to an alternative examination can depend on that single word.

Itself, the fact is that students should be aware that learning a foreign language means knowledge of a large number of words in all time. Until that happens, will be feasible to intervene in a conversation or make a statement. Communication can only be performed when you have the word appropriate and atthe moment, therefore the importance of using the dictionary.

In addition, teachers must also encourage students to this activity. This work must be done from the beginning of classes and, if possible, exemplifying the consequences of the dictionary used properly. When students are influenced from the outset, then, there are more likely to obey and realise its importance.

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