Entre les mures - revue (english)

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  • Publicado : 12 de agosto de 2010
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Review about “Entre les murs”

Entre les mures (Fr. 2008) is kind of a mix documental-fiction movie about living in a French school set in a polietnic working class district,particularly focused on the relationship among a professor and his pupils, during the whole course.

The film, directed by Laurent Cantet, tells the story of a teenager class, without a realcentral conflict but with all the details which appear in the development of a class. There is not a star figure in it, or a main conflict that could allow the viewers to be captured bythe intrigue. However, the plot follows the day-to-day dialectical discussion without solution about adolescence and its questionings of adulthood, and it achieves captivate the viewerbecause it shows a close world where only can access those who belong to it.

The main character, represented by the French professor François (in the real live François Bégaudeau,teacher and one of the film writers), seeks to continually establish consensus among the teachers and their students, on the one hand, and on the other one, he is always providing adiscussion forum within his class.

There is a complex episode between two girls and him, which causes an explosive defense from a classmate who is always assuming a rebellious attitude. Thesituation leads on a disciplinary committee, where the teachers have to decide if the student will be expelled or not.

On the whole, without shock effects and magical solutions, this isa deep and reflexive film which represents in a little micro cosmos –the school, the problematic about adulthood and adolescence, added to multiculturalism and linguistic differences inthe actual society –not only French society. It is well worth seeing it and then going to a café for speaking and analyzing it after.

Marcela Fiorentino
Level 12 – Monday, April 27th
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