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  • Publicado : 2 de junio de 2011
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Love: Period of major malfunctions, usually due to interference of elders. Do not be misled by anger. Defend your privacy calmly.
Work and money: labor Disagreements will lower yourself-esteem. Discuss what you think. Find eco friendly.

Love: You will feel content and protected by your partner. That will give much-needed security.
Work and money: Major concretions andstrengthen understanding with superiors at heart. But should appeal to their natural practicality and manage their expenditures to avoid excesses.

Love: The interference of the elderlyfamily took him to have difficulty with their partner. Set the limits necessary for peace to return.
Work and Money: What stood out in this period is the wealth of opportunities that lie ahead.Consider carefully what is most convenient for you.

Love: Everything that projects with your partner is booming. Ideal time to strengthen marriages and to convert the home into a love nest.Work and Money: Your work and your income are fully protected materials in this period. Achievements reach him.

Love: The tendency to fall in love with other people easily reach the ears ofyour partner. Meditate and measure the pros and cons.
Work and Money: Keeping it in place with serenity and fulfill all his responsibilities, will be key to avoid conflicts.

Love: Friendshelp in reconciliation. Stage depth review of the relationship.
Work and money: You can move quietly in their projects, because the success and consolidation accompany him. Important economicimprovement.

Love: the warmth you'll find in your partner shaken. Enjoy the pampering and feel content to advance their goals.
Work and Money: An intense social life will link you with peopleto help him move forward. Good economic return.

Love: Understanding between the two reborn. Your partner will be shown gentle and affectionate. Period intimate excellent understanding....