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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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no lo se PROJECT 1°

The last Saturday I woke up at 10:30am, I took a shower, and then I had a good breakfast, after than I left with myparents.
At 4:00pm I went to the subway and when I arrived to apricot station was there. Then we went to downtown, when we arrived to downtown we went tothe cathedral and inside it is so beautiful, that day the weather was so hot however we had to go, but we bought two bottle of water because wewere thirsty.
Then we went to Temple Major, they didn´t charge us nothing because we are students. We saw the ruins and we took some photographs, weentered to the museum that it is so interesting, in the museum we saw dissect animals, murals, dishes, etc.
After that we went to the anatomymuseum that it is for the UNAM, and we took a photograph with the wolf man, that it´s there because it is part of the exposition of the fear.
Wewent out of the museum and we started to saw a lot of sellers and they sell handicrafts and there were a lot of people dancing.
We walked to themuseum of mining industry but it was close because on Saturday there was the book fair so we went to Bellas Artes and there were a lot of people thatsold things. We returned to Santo Domingo Street where the medicine museum and the inquisition are. Unfortunately the room of embryology was closeand where the things of torture too. We went out of the museum and we returned to the subway of Bellas Artes where we ate delicious waffles.
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