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  • Publicado : 13 de octubre de 2010
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I work for a company which involves foreign trade, international negotiations, and also contact with many people around the world. Imports and exports affairs require a lot of exchange of informationand getting business with countries in other continents are increasing day by day. Thanks to the internet they have grown in the last years as consequence of the Globalization.

I want to writeabout Globalization because in Ecuador with President Correa actually we are having a lot of problems with our neighbors (countries). This affects some areas of our country such as trade, economy andtechnological areas. Globalization isn’t a recent phenomenon. The world was globalized 100 years ago as it is today. But today commerce and financial services are more developed and deeply integratedthan they were at that time.

Globalization means that world trade and financial markets are becoming more integrated between countries because the main purpose of globalization is getting oneglobal market and one global economy.

President Correa is against any kind of global economy, but in my opinion, we are not a unique island in the world and Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela are not the onlycountries around us.

If we say that one of the most important facts for Globalization is to get free markets, it may include reduction or elimination of tariffs on trades (also, reductions ofcustom duties) or with free trade zones with small or no tariffs stimulating the inland production in order to produce “Commodity products”

A Commodity Product is everything you can use in Ecuador aswell as all over the world. For example ecological products, tourism products, etc. I think that here is the main problem for Ecuador we are closing our trade borders and in few years we’re going to beisolated and the poorest country in South America.

President Correa is restricting many import products including technology or also, they have a high duty customs cost. For example software...
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