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  • Publicado : 19 de junio de 2010
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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen today we are going to discuss the disagreement of all people should have the same income. Well, I will give my opinion, facts and examples that will complement theargument that people should not have the same income.
Well, you say that all people should have the same income, but does everyone put their effort to be better? Does everyone with the income thatthey have make advantage of them and try to be better day to day. People now a days are conformist and lazy, some are waiting for government to give them bonds to have some to eat, but they do notwork and if they have a work they do not do it right and get fire. People even educate themselves they do not care about school so, if you do not know how to write and read correctly you can’t look forjobs that will give you a good salary to live. Therefore, my opinion is not fair people that have been putting their effort to study and get a job have the same income than a lazy and conformistpeople because things have to come with responsibility and effort of each person.
Second, some people have different opportunities like rich and poor countries, rich people have better income so theycan have better education and better medical insurance. Poor people do not have these important opportunities. So if people have that difference they never will have the same income because theiropportunities to find jobs are very low because of their skills are not good as they should. Now days you at least have a baccalaureate degree to be successful in life and have well jobs. So, if poorpeople do not have access to this they never will have the same income than rich people.
Third, some people do not know how to save money so they spend in things that are not necessary. Well this goes tothe irresponsibility, men receive their salaries typically they do not think that they have to eat, need cloth, have family no, they spend that money to get drunk or go to parties with their...
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