Essay-the smoking affect health of all of us

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Active or Passive…whatever may be the type; harmful health effects of smoking cigarettes are numerous. Dangers of smoking are well-known and can haveserious detrimental effect on the quality of life besides diseases.

Today the habit is so rampant that many Governments have been coming down heavily on tobacco manufacturers and sellers in theform of heavy taxation for tobacco and tobacco products, supporting this of certain way the marketing increasingly of cigarettes.

Many studies among smokers have established the fact thatdepression is one of the main reasons for people indulging in this act. The habit is less prevalent among people not having depression problems. Recently, the studies also have been indicating thatpeople acquire this habit at the young age and become addicted. Actually, children derive this habit from elders especially from their parents, by seeing them smoke in their house or when used by theparents themselves for procuring the cigarettes. Smoking in movies is the main reason for adolescents acquiring this habit.
The nicotine, one of the components is mainly responsible for theaddiction to this habit. It has been established that "people get addicted to nicotine as soon as five months after the start of the smoking”. According to studies nicotine is more addictive thancaffeine orP ethanol.
The study has been conducted too, for many years, has been saying that the chances of a smoker getting lung cancer are significantly more than a non-smoker.

The factors such asthe number of years the person has been smoking and at what age he started smoking are also very important for the smoker contracting the disease. The effects of smoking have been taken soseriously by the Indian Government that they have made it compulsory to have statutory warnings like "smoking is injurious to health" or "smoking kills" on all packs so that the new users get warned...
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