Banning of smoking essay

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  • Publicado : 8 de julio de 2010
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Banning of Smoking

Have you ever been in a restaurant and when you were about to eat your favourite dish your lungs filled with smoke that came from the smoking sector or just the table next toyours? This is a common issue that confronts many people each day. Although the decision of smoking is personal for each, it also affects others rather than the person. The consume of cigars andcigarettes increase every day in great quantity, so the environment and everything else it is affected more and more each day. The final solution is the banning.

Smoke affect every little thing and eachone of us as it has deathly consequences. It is unthinkable how so much people ruin their lives inhaling burnt tobacco and then exhaling it so that the environment and others could be affected to. Ithave been estimated by the World Health Organization that more than one hundred million deaths were provoqued by the smoking of tobacco over the course of the twentieth century. Smoking is one of themost important provocateur of lung and pancreatic cancer. In every corpse of a dead person who used to smoke it could be find that the lungs have become totally black, only hearing this it creeps outme. It cannot be understand how so many people live with this and even knowing it. Smoking is a big serious issue.

Even though, these is one part of the effects of smoke. The environment in which welive in is also a victim of the malicious stick. There is a massive amount of pollution released every day as the number of smokers increase every day. All trees can be compared to our lungs as theyhave almost the same functions but in global scale. Within already all the pollution created by factories, it seems crazy adding four thousand dangerous chemicals that smoke has. The affected are notlimited to the people or the air, also the ground and water are victims. Millions of cigarettes buts are thrown to the ground every day. Afterwards some end up in rivers and lakes. How people forget...
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