Essay: a computer is necessary for students

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  • Publicado : 9 de marzo de 2011
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A computer is necessary for college students

Nowadays people are bombarded with technology. Our grandparents and perhaps our parents couldn't dream about devices like computer,cell-phones, I-pod, video-games which are everywhere right now. Computers with internet access are in every home and it became an essential tool for students. A computer is necessary for college students for two reasons:research and computer programs.
The first reason, a computer is necessary for college students for research. Research helps students to improve better understand reading assignments which werethem given as a homework. For example, many foreign students look on the internet for new words, which are indispensable for understanding the text. They look in dictionaries or goggling to find adequateexplanation of the technical words. Moreover, research and reading articles on various topic helps students have the information and develop their individual point of view. This provides them tothink creatively and write good essays or make good projects and get a good grade. Doing research is one reason that a computer is necessary for college students to better understand reading assignmentsand be well prepared for projects or essays.
A second reason why a computer is essential for college students is computer programs. Typing essays are required from college students. For example, somestudents have bad handwriting skills and they are hard to decipher. In Word Microsoft Office program, they can type essays making them neat, nice and readable. Furthermore, programs help collegestudents to do their assignments. For instance, by using Excel Microsoft Office, economic students can do various charts and graphs showing different characteristics. Owning a computer is important forcollege students because programs help them to deal with college's requirements and be ready for a class.

Indeed, the two most important reasons that it is necessary for college students to have a...
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