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Q. Which of the following was an eighteenth-century painter?
A. Watteau, Gainsborough, and Chardin pgs 313-316

Q. Which of the following photographers created The FlatironBuilding?
A. Alfred Stieglitz

Q. The basic building block of visual design is ____.
A. line

Q. Which of the following sculptural techniques may or may not be considered a “method” of execution,according to the textbook?
A. construction

Q. According to your textbook, where and how a sculpture is exhibited does not bear on our sense response.
A. false

Q. Subtractive, constructive,substitutive and manipulative sculpture techniques can be combined.
A. True

Q. Sculptural works that are freestanding are called _____.
A. full round

Q. Which of the following does the text associatewith documentary photography?
A. Dorothea Lange

Q. Who wrote the chorale on which Bach’s cantata Ein Feste Burg is unser Gott (A mighty fortress is our God) is based?
A. Martin Luther pg 311Q. Who wrote The Courtier?
A. The Comte Baldassare Castiglione pg 280

Q. Rembrandt’s The Night Watch has a clearly defined light source.
A. False pg 308

Q. The period from approximately1400 to 1527 that was seen as a rebirth of understanding after the Middle Ages is called the
A. Renaissance pg 275

Q. In comparing Botticelli’s Spring with Masaccio’s The Tribute Money, which ofthe following is the more accurate statement?
A. The Bottecelli is more linear pg 279 (The Tribute Money is described as using “light to reveal form and volume”

Q. Ghiberti’s The Story of Jacoband Esau from the Gates of Paradise, utilizes which method of execution?
A. Relief pgs 279-280

Q. The text describes the work of Jacques Louis David as characteristic of which style?
A.Neoclassical pg 316

Q. Palestrina produced which of the following type of artwork?
A. pg 294

Q. Albrecht Durer used which of the following media for The Four Horsemen of the Acocalypse?
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