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Salvador Dalí

(Figueres, Gerona, 1904 - Púbol, 1989) Spanish painter. Salvador Dali was born in an early morning in the spring of 1904 in the bosom of a bourgeois family, sanctimonious son of anotary and a sensible lady fond of birds. He later wrote: "At three years to become a chef. At five I wanted to be Napoleon. My ambition has not only grown and is now becoming Salvador Dali and nothingmore. Moreover, this is very difficult because, as I get to Salvador Dali, he walks away from me. "

As the relentless persecution and the target would not have ever attained, and since in anycorner of his planned biography he found the balance and peace, decided to be excessive in everything intrepretar numerous characters and sublimate his angst into a plurality of humor and sordid delusions.He defined himself as "polymorphous perverse, behind and anarchic," "soft, weak and repulsive," but to conquer this laborious advertising image before saving was some evidence of initiation, and ifthe favorite game of their first child was wearing the king suit and into his ten years, when painting as the Sick Child, explores the benefits of appearing weak and nervous constitution.

Hisprecocity is striking: at twelve discover the style of French impressionists and is impressionistic, at fourteen and has become acquainted with the art of Picasso and Cubism was made and at

fifteenbecame editor of the journal Studium where brilliant pastiches drawn to the section titled "The Great Masters of Painting."

In the scrambled and conflicting months of 1923 suffered an unfortunatesetback. At the Academy of Fine Arts to which is attached events occur against a teacher, and before the commencement of the official discourse and violent argument breaks out, Salvador leaves the room.Authorities believe that this gesture was he who gave the signal to attack and rebellion and decided to expel for one year. Then again in Figueras, the guards come to arrest him and spent some time in...
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