Euthanasia rogerian argument, en ingles

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Euthanasia is a right everyone should have.
Euthanasia is the intentional killing by act or omission of a human being with the purpose to relieve pain and suffering. Euthanasia comes from the Greek eu(well or good) and thanatos(death) meaning good death. Euthanasia has become a controversial issue in the last decades because many cases have occurred around the world, in which a person has asevere accident or a fatal disease and the individual gets in a vegetative state or ends suffering with no hopes of bettering. When this happens, it comes out the controversial question that whether should be legal or not to have the right to decide to end with a person’s life by own decision of that person or the one of his/her familiars. The Netherlands is an example of a country that has legalizedthe euthanasia. According to the Report of the Committee to Study the Medical Practice Concerning Euthanasia, “In 1990, 9% of all deaths in the Netherlands were a result of physician-assisted suicide or euthanasia, with euthanasia accounting for the vast majority of those” (Facts and statistics).
Although euthanasia is rejected for religious, political and medical reasons in most of thecountries, the euthanasia might work and could be legalized for the people who really need and want it if laws are created in order to protect the patients from abuses and regulate it.

Most of the people are against euthanasia because they argue that euthanasia is violating the most important human right, which is the right to life, and they claim that is against the will of God. There are differentreasons why the euthanasia has not been legalized and accepted. First, the Catholic Church argues that life is a gift of God and death is unavoidable; therefore, that everyone should be able to accept the death with full responsibility and dignity because is the last step to immortal life. Also, the Catholic Church considers the euthanasia as murder and suicide; and it is against the law of God aswell as is written in the bible “Thou shall not kill” (Good News Bible, Exodus 20:13). Pope John Paul II presented the church’s position on euthanasia with this declaration, "I appeal urgently to all of you, dear brothers and sisters, to do everything in your power to ensure that life, each and every life, will be respected from conception to its natural end. Life is a sacred gift, and no one canpresume to be its master” (Eltert). The protestant and the Islamic religions are also against the euthanasia arguing that life is a sacred gift and no one has the power to end with it, only God. Second, every law is created with the principal purpose of protecting the human rights, therefore most of the governments and organizations of human rights are not willing to create a law in whicheuthanasia becomes legal. Some politicians think that if euthanasia is permitted, people will use it as a means to get out of even simpler troubles. Also it could be use by the familiars as a method of avoiding medical expenditures or collecting the life insurance. Legalizing euthanasia favors a “slippery slope” against the right to life. For example, in the Netherlands euthanasia is applied not onlyto patients, but also to people who do not want to live anymore. According to information of 2004, it is estimated that in the Netherlands almost 300 babies with disabilities are allowed to die with indirect euthanasia (stop providing medical help) and there are cases in which doctors deny the implantation of pacemaker to elderly people. Notably, it is possible to think that the legalization ofeuthanasia could be misunderstood and exploited as the legalization of suicide and murder in some cases. Third, most of the people in the medical sector are against euthanasia because is against the principles of the medicine, which are to cure and treat the patient not to kill him/her. Also the euthanasia is against the Hippocratic oath, which is an oath that every doctor swears after finishing...
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