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  • Publicado : 3 de diciembre de 2011
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25th September 2011 Argumentative essay (350 words)


Why should monuments, museums and other landmarks bepreserved?

Many people ask themselves why should we preserve the Alhambra in Spain, Stonehenge in U.K., the Louvre in France, the Cathedral in St Petersburg or the Great Wall in China. I find itridiculous given the huge amount of reasons that support what I call an investment. Aren't monuments and landmarks invaluable ?How can we honour deceased people ? Don't you like and learn from them ? Havethey influenced when choosing a destination as a tourist ?. What I can already elucidate is that most important cities have world known landmarks, and this is not a coincidence.
Monuments, artworksand other landmarks should be preserved as they are unique and hold important historical and political value. Therefore we cannot put a price on them. Moreover, they increase the cultural and socialawareness and increases tourism which is key in the economy of many countries, namely Italy or Greece.
There is no other method to pay tribute to and commemorate the deceased people whose remains arelocated in a different place. We cannot refute that monuments, museums and other landmarks have contributed to our knowledge . Don't you prefer to see the Nazi camps with your own eyes rather than inpossibly manipulated photographs? How could you know about the geniuses like Dali without seeing the Sagrada Familia. They remind us of the failures and achievements in the past which help to avoidmaking mistakes twice.
Monuments are the actual representation of a particular civilisation. It has been proven that more ancient monuments such as the pyramids in Egypt are the most durable and do notneed much investment. A 2008 survey reported that over 80% of Bilbao's inhabitants were pleased of having the “Gugghemgeim as it gave them pride, for becoming the symbol of their society, and...
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