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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2010
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The word Euthanasia comes from the Greek word “Eutha –thanatos” meaning good death, actually is known as death without pain, this death could be induced by medicalprocedures or omitting its supply.

Depending on the way how Euthanasia is practiced, there are three types of Euthanasia; the first one is called voluntary Euthanasia. It’s called in that waybecause the individual must give his/ her approval for the procedure. Non voluntary Euthanasia occur when the individual is not able to consent with procedure, for example patients who are unconscious orthey are unable to communicate their whishes, in that case the family has to make the decision or if there is not family, a medical council has to make the decision. And finally we have the assistedsuicide, it occurs when the individual takes his/her own life based on the information, guidance and/or medication provided by a third party, for example a doctor might prescribe a fatal dose ofmedication for an individual, who then administrates the medication him/herself.

When an individual suffer a terminal illness and it produces a drastic reduction on her/his quality of life through severepains causing a huge suffering, it suppose that Euthanasia is the best solution to finish the individual suffering. Is this practice permitted in Colombia? Whether is permitted, what are theconditions to apply the Euthanasia?

In Colombia, the penalty code establish in its article 106 a penalty between one to three years for the person who take off the life of another person by mercy, withthe aim of finishing the intense suffering as result of injuries or seriously and incurable illness.

About assisted suicide, the code establish in its article 107 that the person who induce tosuicide to another person, or help her/him effectively to do it, the person will incur in a penalty from one to two years.

The law says “XXXXXXXXXXXXXX” in 1997 the murder by mercy was legalized,...
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