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Comprehension Test
The Enemy
Desmond Bagley
1 Are these sentences true (T) or false (F)?
a Malcolm and Penny met in a disco.
b Ashton didn’t want Malcolm to marry Penny.
c There was no information in the computer about Ashton.
d Malcolm needed a few men to help him to watch Ashton and his daughters.
e Penny was very happy when she discovered whatMalcolm’s real job was.
f Ogilvie allowed Malcolm to see information from Level Black.
g Ashton and Benson ran away to Russia.
h Malcolm shot Ashton by accident.
i Benson and Ashton both originally came from Russia.
j Lord Cregar died when Malcolm shot him.
20 marks

2 Penny was not happy with the plans for the laboratory in Scotland. Why not?


3 Match a number from A with a letter from B to make complete sentences.
1 Ashton wanted Malcolm to marry Penny ...
2 Mayberry attacked Gillian by accident, ...
3 Malcolm knew that Dr Carter was lying ...
4 Penny was very angry with Malcolm ...
5 Ashton left Russia after the war ...
a ... after he let his men search her bedroom.
b... because she was pregnant.
c ... because he wouldn’t look directly at him.
d ... when she saw him with another woman.
e ... so that he could take her away from danger.
f ... because he didn’t want to continue working in weapons research.
g ... because he didn’t like her.
h ... because he thought she was her sister, Penny.
i ... to be with his family in England.
j ...because the people in Ullapool said that no one had crossed from the island the day before.
10 marks

4 Why was it impossible for Malcolm to speak with Penny when he telephoned the Scottish laboratory?

20 marks

5 Ogilvie offered Malcolm a new and better job. Why did he refuse to take it?

10 marks

6 Write a short comment on thestory. (Do you think Malcolm will be happy during his last few months? Do you think the story is realistic? Did you enjoy the book? If so, why?)

30 marks

Total marks

Multiple-choice Test
The Enemy
Desmond Bagley

Choose the best answer.
1 Malcolm Jaggard first meets Penny Ashton at _____.
a [ ] a top-secretlaboratory b [ ] his office c [ ] a dinner party d [ ] a hospital
2 Malcolm Jaggard is introduced to Penny’s father at _____ near Marlow.
a [ ] his luxury boat b [ ] his large family home
c [ ] the new government laboratory d [ ] an expensive restaurant
3 At Malcolm Jaggard’s office there is a _____ called Nellie.
a [ ] computer system b [ ] cleanerc [ ] secretary d [ ] cat
4 Malcolm Jaggard learns that George Ashton grew up in _____.
a [ ] Peru b [ ] China c [ ] Russia d [ ] Sweden
5 At George Ashton’s house there is a very large model _____.
a [ ] village b [ ] railway c [ ] tower d [ ] ship
6 George Ashton and Benson run away to _____.
a [ ] Russia b [ ] Peru c [ ] Italy d [] Sweden
7 George Ashton and Benson _____ and then go to the small town of Strangnas.
a [ ] get in a helicopter b [ ] get on a motorbike
c [ ] jump off a bridge d [ ] jump off a train
8 The secret laboratory is _____ in Scotland.
a [ ] on a mountain b [ ] on a lonely island
c [ ] in a large castle d [ ] in a forest
9 Penelope Ashton is angry becauseshe wants to get a much _____ laboratory.
a [ ] more comfortable b [ ] warmer c [ ] cleaner d [ ] safer
10 Malcolm Jaggard spends money at _____ in London.
a [ ] an auction b [ ] a hotel c [ ] a restaurant d [ ] a shop
20 marks

Choose the best answer.
11 Malcolm Jaggard works in the world of _____.
a [ ] drugs b [ ] spies c...
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