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Tuck Everlasting, by Natalie Babbitt, is a book about how a little girl understands the “wheel of life”. Winifred Foster, also known as “Winnie”, the main character of the novel, discovers this life-changing lesson after deciding to leave her home to venture thru the woods, own by her family. Winnie, although she owned the woods she never had gone to it. While walking thru the woodsshe meets a rather odd family, known as the Tucks. After meeting them, they “kidnapped” her and take her to their home. On the way to the Tuck’s home, they explain their life story to Winnie. They began talking about how they became immortals when they drank from a spring located right beside their house; difficult to believe and rather fake and crazy, those were Winnie thoughts. At the tuck’shome, Winnie gets well taken care of. There they try to explain why they have brought her there and why she should keep what they told her earlier a secret. After spending a couple of days with them, Winnie develops affection for them. Because of the “kidnapping” of Winnie, a couple of situations develop in which Winnie has to stand up for the Tucks and make some life-changing decisions; helping themescape from the situations that will have given their secret out and decided to life as nature intended.

Main Conflict:

The main conflict of the story is keeping the immortality spring a secret from all the people and making Winnie understand how important the cycle of life is and whether she decides to drink it or not.

Important Characters:
1. Winifred Foster
a ten-year-old girl,who is an only child and is overly protected by her family. She desperately wanting freedom decides to leave her yard and venture thru the woods. There thru some situation, she demonstrates courage and affection and experiences things she had never thought she would live.

2. Angus Tuck
He is the father of the Tuck family, very wise man and acknowledges the consequences the spring will bringif the world knew about its “powers of immortality”. He takes the spring of immortality more as a curse than as a blessing.

3. Mae Tuck
She is the mother of the Tuck family, a very kind and compassionate women. Like her husband, she is sad that she will never die, but unlike him she accepts her fate and moves on to live forever in the best way she knows how She is also quite untidy in herhousekeeping, but a loving wife and mother nonetheless.

4. Jesse Tuck
He is the youngest son of the Tuck family and stopped aging at 17. He is a handsome young boy, also free spirited and does what strikes him at the moment. He falls in love with Winnie and asks her to drink the spring water when she’s 17 so that they can get married and live forever.

5. Miles Tuck
He is theoldest Tuck child. He and Jesse leave home to seek a life away from their parents; he seems more responsible, holding such jobs as carpentry and blacksmithing. He had been married when he discovered his immortality. Thinking he sold his soul to the devil, his wife and children left him.

6. The Man in the yellow suit
He is the villain of the story, a strange man who wears unusual clothingand is looking to find the spring, which will give him eternal life and make him a lot of money. He has no morals. He doesn’t see the Tucks as people, but as objects put on earth to make him rich. He refuses to see the consequences of his plan.

Small conflicts and Antagonists of the characters:

Winnie encounters herself in whether to runaway and its consequences or not to. She believes if shedoesn’t do it, the toad might think she’s a coward and make fun of her.
An Angus inner conflict is his frustration of being immortal. He wanders and dreams about the day when he and his family would be in heaven.

The antagonist of the story is the man in the yellow suit whose great desire for money makes him lie, deceive, steal and maybe even kill to get what he wants.
Another antagonist...