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SEMESTER 3 Final Exams
1 Which of the following statements about link-state advertisements are correct? (Choose three.)

LSAs are sent to neighboring routers on a regular basis.
LSAs are used by a router to determine if a neighboring router is online.
*LSAs are multicast to all routers in the area.
LSAs contain the topological database of the sending router.
*Routers use LSAs to learnabout the topology of the entire network.
*LSAs are sent when the router detects a topology change.
2 Which Ethernet device has the highest latency factor?

3 Which VLAN implementation method requires less administration in the wiring closet and can provide notification if an unauthorized user attempts to connect to the network?

Refer to the graphic. Which point must be reached before a bridge will forward a frame?

5 Which of the following tasks must be completed to configure a router interface to serve the newly added network and to advertise this network over RIP v2? (Choose three.)

*Configure RIP v2 with the network command and the IP network number for thenew network.
Configure RIP v2 with the network command and the IP host address and subnet mask for the newly activated interface.
Configure the router with the ip subnet-zero command so that this network can be added and advertised.
*Apply a network host address and subnet mask to the newly activated interface.
*Activate the routing protocol with the router rip version 2 command.
ConfigureRIP on the other routers in the enterprise with an entry for the newly added network.
6 Which of the following statements are correct concerning the default configuration of a new switch? (Choose three.)

VLAN1 is configured with a management IP address.
* All switch ports are assigned to VLAN1.
Spanning Tree Protocol is disabled.
*All interfaces are set to auto.
Enable password isconfigured as cisco.
* The flash directory contains the IOS image.
7 Under which of the following circumstances might two routers have trouble establishing a neighbor relationship in an OSPF network? (Choose three.)

* Hello packets are not sent from either neighbor.
* The interfaces are on different network types.
The network command has put the connected interfaces into the same OSPF area.
Slownetwork connections cause OSPF advertisements to time out.
* Authentication passwords or keys are different.
8 Which of the following are characteristics of link-state routing protocols? (Choose three.)

* collection of routing information from within a defined area of the network
view of network from neighbor's perspective
* independent calculation of best paths to all destinations
*propagation of incorrect information minimized
demonstration of universal compatibility and simplicity
9 Which of the following statements regarding server placement are correct? (Choose two.)

* Enterprise servers should be located in the MDF.
Enterprise servers should be located in an IDF.
Workgroup servers should be located in the MDF.
* Workgroup servers should be located in an IDF.
Bothworkgroup and enterprise servers should be located in the MDF.
Both workgroup and enterprise servers should be located in an IDF.
What does the router shown in the graphic provide to the network? (Choose three.)

forwarding of packets between VLANs
forwarding of broadcast frames between VLANs
improved efficiency in bandwidth utilization
connectivity of local hosts with remote resourceselimination of VLAN configuration errors
prevention of switching loops
11 Which of the following is the metric that OSPF uses to determine the best route to a destination network?

administrative distance
* cost
hop count
link delay
A Class C address has been assigned for use in the network shown in the graphic. Using VLSM, which bit mask should be used to most efficiently provide for...
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