Examen de ingles primer 2do bimestre

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English exam
Escuela secundaria General
first grade II bimester

Name :________________________________ group:_______________

I. Match thequestion with the answer..
|What are you doing?____ |a)she ´s listening music |
|What are you wearing?______|b) they are cleaning the room |
|What is she doing ?_____ |c) I´m reading a book|
|What are they doing ?_______ |d) black pants and yelow blouse. |

2.- my mom ___________ the dog in the park
a)are talking b)is walking c) are singing d) take

3.- my brother and my sister _______ soccer..
a) are playing b) is playing c) play d) plays

4.- Write themeaning of the clothes
pink skirt____________ blue shirt _________________
purple dress_______________Orange blouse________________
White jacket_______________

5.-Write thename of the clothes
[pic][pic] [pic][pic][pic] [pic][pic][pic][pic] [pic]
________ ______ ______ _______ ___ ____ ______ _____ ______ ______

Describe What are you wearing?____________________________________________________________


Write the meaning of the next verbs

Sing __________watch_____________
Write __________ walk______________
Read __________ wash______________
Listen __________ talk _____________English exam
Escuela secundaria General
second grade II bimester
Name :________________________________ group:_______________
I. Match the...
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