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Extreme 1 Final Test

Name: ________________________________________________________

1 Match.
a. What did you do yesterday? (i) The blue whale.
b. Were you at home yesterday morning?(ii) About one meter seventy.
c. Are you going to buy a camera? (iii) About twenty.
d. Did your cousins leave on Sunday? (iv) Three times.
e. What’s the heaviest animal in the world? (v) I wentto the park.
f. Where’s the bank? (vi) Yes, a digital one.
g. How many times did it orbit the moon? (vii) Yes, they left after breakfast.
h. How tall are you? (viii) It’s across from the park.i. How many people were there at the party? (ix) She’s watching TV.
j. Where’s Hannah? (x) No, I was at school.

2 Complete the questions.
a. How _____________________ movie theater? Gostraight ahead and turn right. The movie theater is in front of the mall.
b. Where ___________________ at 10 o’clock yesterday? I was at home.
c. What ___________________ animal in the world? Thecheetah.
d. Are you __________________ soccer? Not really, but I’m good at tennis.
e. Can _____________________? Yes, please. I’d like a hamburger.

3 Unscramble the sentences.
a.umbrella/should/take/an/you _________________________________
b. scientist/a/was/Marie Curie _________________________________
c. zebra/lion/than/stronger/a/is/a _________________________________
d.are/a/animals/rain/in/there/forest/lot/of/the _________________________________
e. mountain/must/wear/helmets/bikers _________________________________

4 Make the sentences negative.
a. Russell Croweis a singer.
b. We are studying German.
c. Marco Polo was from France._____________________________________________________
d. Peter Jackson made four The Lord of the Rings movies.
e. Britney Spears sings opera....
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