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Read the text and answer the following questions.

Are the following sentences true or false? Now, answer the following questions:

TASK 2. WRITING BYYOURSELVES. You received this email from your penfriend, red it carefully. Then, reply using the information given.

New year’s Eve: New York
Travel: fly, then car hire to Washington , DC.
Staying:with cousins
Activities: sightseeing, musicals, too cold for hiking.
How long? Two weeks – not missing school.
TASK 3. Practising.
Label the parts of the body.

Fill in the gaps with theideas from the box. These are planned ideas.

Complete this phone conversation. What does Sarah say to Kurt? Choose the correct letter

Say an answer for each question using have + has toWhy are you going home now?
Why is she waiting?
Why do you get up so early?
Why do you want to decide it now?
Why does he work so hard?
It’s a fantastic film, you___________ see it.
In many countries men__________ do military service.
Sarah is a nurse. Sometimes she ________ to work on weekends.
I don’t have any money with me, so you __________ borrow some.
Youcan’t park here for nothing. You __________ pay.
I eat too much chocolate. I really _____________ stop.
In tennis you ____________ hit the ball over the net.
_______ you ________ work nextSaturday?
After the party, we__________ clear up the house.
I __________ wake up early tomorrow morning.

Mention five things you have to and don’t have to do at home.____________________________________________________________




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