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  • Publicado : 22 de noviembre de 2011
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This is a tale of poor old Frank --
Frank the monster, not Tom, Rich, or Hank.
He was created by a scientist in a great house.
A house on a mountain, much toobig for a mouse.
There in the basement, the docter toiled night and day,
with the help of his friend Igor, who had little to say.
Finally when all was assembled like a bike,
a bolt of lightninggave dear Frank his new life.
He sat up from the table where he laid for months,
scratched his square head, and said "I'm ready for lunch!"
He crashed through the door, and went into town,
where hearrived at the diner and tried to sit down.
But everyone screamed , and left their plates hot.
Even the cooks ran away without their prized pots.
So Frank could have nothing to quell his belly'srumble,
not a burger, or fries, or even Apple Pie Crumble.
He was almost in tears, and very, very sad,
and walked into the streets where everyone went mad,
and screamed in horror at Frank's sight.No one had seen such a thing in their life.
Frank tried to explain, "I'm just hungry, that's all.
I mean you no harm, even though I am tall."
A little girl saw him where she sat on the corner,
andthought, he's not so scary, infact he might be an orphan.
So she walked up to Frank and tugged at his sleeve,
and said, "My name is Cinthia, Cindy if you please."
He said, "I'm just a littlehungry, and don't know where I am."
"That's O.K.," Cindy answered, and pulled out some ham--
ham for a sandwich she was waiting to make,
and she pulled out two slices of bread freshly baked.
They saton the corner to a half sandwich each,
both happy, and smiling as a sunny day peach.


Green cats eyes
in midnight gloom
fly with the witch
on her ragged broom
Ghosts andshadow people
evade our sight.
None may not see what they might.
We begin our door to door Halloween flight.
Not knowing our immediate blight
we bravely approach your door and RING……
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