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Perfil IHE de Anatomía Patológica
Dr. Marcial García Rojo, Chair Pathology Department Hospital General de Ciudad Real
Servicio de Salud de Castilla-La Mancha(SESCAM)


COST Action IC0604 - EURO-TELEPATH “Telepathology Network in Europe”
IHE Comité técnico La Granja, 12 de mayo de 2010

Interoperability in the Hospital

Emerging digital pathology

Gross study(Intraoperative study)

Digital photography Digital video

Microscopy: Slides

Digital photography Virtual microscopy: whole slide imaging

Molecular Pathology

Digital photography


Web based viewer


Univ. Helsinki

Univ. CLM Olympus

Euro-Telepath objectives

General:  Evaluate and validate -in a networked environment- the commontechnological framework and communication standards required to access, transmit and manage digital medical records by pathologists and other medical specialties. 10 specific objectives. A summary: 1. Norms and compression rules to obtain microscopic images with full diagnostic quality in minimum possible space (1-2 GB) 2. Define a set of standardized DICOM file headings for pathology microscopic images.3. Increase the European scientific leadership in the emerging Pathology Technical Framework (IHE-Pathology) 4. Design a central metasearch engine containing a +3500 virtual database of pathology images for joint research, teaching and observation purposes


Working groups
4 Working Groups WG1. Pathology Business Modelling
e.g. Consensus study of existing workflows in pathologydepartments

Coordinators Thomas Schrader (Germany) and Luis Gonçalves (Portugal) Christel Le Bozec (France) and Bernd Blobel (Germany)

WG2 – Informatics Standards in Pathology
e.g. Participation in covered standards bodies and initiatives.

WG3 – Images: Analysis, Processing, Retrieval and Management
e.g. study on the image analysis models (methods, systems, tools, fields of pathology).

JaninaSlodkowska (Poland) and EPFL (Switzerland)

WG4 – Technology and Automation in Pathology
e.g. analysis of microscope brands.

Marcial García Rojo (Spain) and Bernd Blobel (Germany)

Current research groups
Policy: A group of researchers (balance of female & young experts aged less than 35), shall be duly appointed to encourage and coordinate the network’s efforts.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6.7. 8. 9.

10. 11.

Action SIGNATURES Finland: Tampere University & University of Helsinki France: INSERM & Tribvn Germany: University of Regensburg & Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin Italy: University of Udine Lithuania: National Centre of Pathology & Kaunas University of Technology Poland: Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Warsaw Portugal: Hospital Espirito Santo Serbia:University of Belgrade Spain: University of Castilla-La Mancha, Hospital General de Ciudad Real & SESCAM Switzerland: EPF Lausanne United Kingdom: University of Nottingham

Croatia. University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.
Cyprus. Computer Science University of Nicosia Greece, Norway, Holland,…

 

IHE. Integrating Healthcare Enterprise

IC0604 Mainachievements: Standardization activities (2008)

  

IHE Europe: Dr. Christel Le Bozec (INSERM & ADICAP. France): Editor of Pathology Technical Framework, and Project Manager DICOM: WG26 (Pathology): DICOM object model SNOMED CT: IHTSDO meeting (Denmark Apr’10) HL7: CDA JPEG: is aware of compression and storage in Pathology (AIC) CEN TC251: Spanish Society of Health Informatics (SEIS)9

IC0604 Main achievements: Business modelling (2009)
  

Analysis of Scanning solutions has become useful Process modelling and hospital information systems IHE: Anatomic Pathology Reporting to Public Health Repositories Image analysis of immunohistochemical quantification has been evaluated Nanotechnology and multispectral imaging can play a role


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