Example of an english conversation

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D. Hello.
V. Good morning. This is Ms. Shannel Ventura from Marketing Studios.
D. Oh, What can I do for you?
V. May I speak to Mr. Medina, please?
D. I´m sorry, he´s not in rightnow. But I´m her dear. Would you like to leave a message?
V. Her dear? Uh. Well, yes please. Could you tell him that call to my office at 3:00 pm?
D. Ok.
V. And do me another favor.Would you mind saying him to remember our date at 9 pm on Sunday? I was wondering if you´d mind giving him this message.
D. Not at all.
V. Have a good day.

E. Good morning.
D.Hello my dear chocolate.
E. Hi, how are you?
D. Burning for you.
E. I like that.
D. Honey, Would you mind if I borrowed some money from your saving account for the cabin?
E. That´sOK, I guess.
D. Thanks a million. And Do you mind if I use your limousine?
E. Go right ahead! But I wonder if I could see you, you know does it means. I need you. So, Could you pleasego to my penthouse?
D. I´d like to but I have other clients. You know I have to solve them too. But Im free at 9 pm on Sunday. Is it OK if I can see you on Sunday?
E. Of course.

V.Good morning, Marketing Studios.
A. Good morning. Is my husband there?
V. Your husband? And who is him?
A. Mr. Medina of course.
V. Uh uhu. You too. Well. He haven´t returned.
A.Ok. Can you tell him not to be late for dinner? And Could you tell him that my mom is having a party tonight?
V. Really?
A. And one more thing: Can you ask him if he´s free on Sundayat 9 pm? Is our wedding anniversary. Could you ask him what time he should pick me up to our penthouse?
V. Sunday? Penthouse? Um, I´m going to give him your message for sure!
A. Ok.Thanks!

E. Well I´m on my way to my penthouse. I have a staff meeting. Ok, See you in the cabin my love, I love you.
D. Chocolate!
V. Dear!
A. Husband!
E. Oh oh! I have problems!
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