Excuse me while i explode

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  • Publicado : 15 de agosto de 2010
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Enrique Gomez
Ms. Nina French
English 1301: Composition and Rhetoric I
25 July 2010

English 1301 Composition and Rhetoric
Excuse Me While I Explode

1.- E.S.Maduro wishes to see that there are different reasons as to why her and her mom are doing all the housework. Unconsciously when she was growing up she learned to doall the housework she is complaining about now. Even though she thought that her mother was doing something wrong by not telling her father to help her with thehousework, Maduro ended up following her mom's footsteps. She never learned to ask for help from the house’s male figure, which is why I think that she is keeping herselffrom a better and healthier life. If she really wants to be different, she has to start talking to her life-mate and tell him what she feels instead of writing it on abook.
2.- The phrase in the title, which comes from an ordinary conversation, shows the readers what they can expect to read next. I got the impression that thesituation in which she felt unconscious, happens a lot. What I got out of this reading is that even though people might think that society has changed a lot, it has notchanged as much as they would like. This is the result of the way families have been carried for generations; people tend to repeat what they have seen as children withtheir spouse and kids.
3.- The connection between the words; mother, myself and anger for Maduro is that she obviously never wanted to be like her mother. But looking ather mother doing all the day-to-day housework somehow influenced her. To be the way she ended up being, trying to be on top of the housework and not asking for help.
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