Experimentos de quimica

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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2012
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Alvaro Figueroa Salas


It needs :
• Sodium bicarbonate placed in a paper napkin
• A perforated cork cork or Plasticine
• One strawto drink
• Bottle for small water (dry)
• Vinegar
• A little thread to sew

Assembly :
It puts 4 bicarbonate teaspoons in the napkin, closes and it moors with a thread in the form of bag (it mustbe well subject). It put 5 spoonfuls of vinegar in the bottle. It suspends the bicarbonate bag within the bottle so that it hangs (with a part of the thread it was) and it does not touch thevinegar. It takes the cork or Plasticine and it places straw in the mouth of the bottle.

It shakes the bottle at the same time, covering with the finger straw and holding the bottle, to mixbicarbonate with the vinegar (without opening straw). It clears the finger and it projects the gas that leaves the bottle on an ignited candle

What happens?
The chemical reaction betweenbicarbonate (a base) and the vinegar (acid weak) forms carbon dioxide that fills the container and leaves by straw. As he is heavier than the air, when facing the ignited candle expels oxygen. Without it wouldcall it to oxygen extinguishes


It needs :
• A container
• Bicarbonate
• Vinegar

In a deep container with water balls of naftalina and two or threespoonfuls of bicarbonate are put. Water is added until filling the three quarters of the container and next, slowly, vinegar is added.

What happens?
Carbon dioxide bubbles form that adhere to thenaftalina balls they help and them to float, ascending and descending.


It needs :
* Clear vinegar or lemon juice
* Paper
* A candle
* Wood of teeth
Ittakes wood from clients, it wets the end with lemon or vinegar and writes on a paper. Soon déjalo to dry and the message will become invisible. In order to see it again, it approaches the paper the...