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One of the advantages of English over other languages, is that we always know a little vocabulary and that even without realizing it, we use the language on adaily basis and we see it everywhere: billboards, commercial radio and TV , almost all magazines, computer, Internet, etc.

- Learning that other language, means that children are aware that theworld is not all alike, that there is an appreciation for differences and an understanding of other perspectives than our own.

- Children become more creative and develop better problem-solving skills.- Help to planning the child's brain circuits that make it easier later to learn more languages.

"It helps them develop the confidence to cope successfully with social relationships: it helpsthem be more communicative.

"It helps them be more understanding, tolerant and respectful of cultural identity, rights and values of others.

- It helps them learn more about their mother tongueand use it more effectively.

"It helps them prepare for the future. When entering high school, high school and universities are now required to learn another language, so those who already have abase can advance further.

In our future, the job market will require not only individuals who are already fluent in English, most languages also.

in my personal conclusion I can say that if allknowing anything about the importance of teaching English to public school children would be more strict or more they care the children to learn this language because children are the future of thecountry

Una de las ventajas del inglés con respecto a otros idiomas, es que siempre sabemos un poco de vocabulario ya que aún sin darnos cuenta, usamos el idioma de manera cotidiana y lo vemos en todoslados: anuncios espectaculares, comerciales, programas de radio y TV, revistas de casi todo tipo, en la computadora, en Internet, etc.

- El aprender este otro idioma, hace que los niños tengan...
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