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  • Publicado : 3 de octubre de 2010
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Presents us with no hindrance to where humanity is, if self-destruction or to a brave new world
FAHRENHEIT 451 is a critique of American society in 1953, when he had to preserve theillusion that the world was wonderful and happy, that opposing views were incinerated and the good life was the one true goal to have, as the government exercises on the people to force him to remain inignorance
people are imprisoned by a totalitarian and tyrannical, and books, as so often happened in the past, are subversive objects that must be eliminated at all costs. It is in this alternate world,or possible, which unfolds the life of the protagonist, Guy Montag. This is a subject anyone, even his own name seems to highlight its status as an ordinary man and his firefighter's job is to burnbooks. Thus, the reader is facing an inhabitant of this world but play and destructive work, is also capable of changing and renewing itself as an ordinary person. Montag begins to ask the same questionfollowing his encounter with a lovely girl, Clarisse. Nothing makes us more human than actual contact with another human being. And Clarisse is who humanizes the character, and forces him to questionthe ethical validity of its own existence. Everything is expressed with a simple question: "Do you ever read any of the books you burn?". The doubt begins to take shape in the character, and thefinal response can not be more revealing: "-you think too much," said Montag, uncomfortable. " Thinking too much can be perceived, in fact, as something negative. The society in which they live has longsince entered into a deep sleep, waking up is needed in other thinking skills. Clarisse becomes very important to Montag. to his wife's addiction to sleeping pills, a fact that is undeniable when thepulse is cold and because of an overdose. The problem is solved quickly: "You do not need a doctor for these cases, sufficient two helpers, fix everything in half an hour." There are too many cases...
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