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Fact or Opinion?Task OneCopy each of the sentences below onto another sheet of paper and write (in brackets) whether you think each one is presented as a fact or an opinion. 1. Thecar was blue. fact 2. The man had lost his coat. fact 3. Chester City are the best football club in the world. opinion 4. It's not a very good television programme. opinion 5. The Spice Girl'salbum was the most popular at Christmas. fact 6. I believe that he can win. opinion 7. Pete Sampras is the best tennis player in the world. opinion 8. Pete Sampras, the tennis player is theWorld number 1. fact 9. We think Mark stole the car. opinion 10. I didn't have a coat. fact 11. The church is the tallest building in the town. fact 12. You might get wet if you forget your coat.opinionTask Two 1. Write two facts about a famous pop group..Metallica have a song called one..the hard estyle do shuffle (ritmo) 2. Write two opinions about a famous pop group..Seven nation armyis god..I think the beatles are good people. 3. Write two facts about your school..the school have a director called Henry acensio..the school have a bad teacher called Daniel Haddow. 4. Write twoopinions about your school..have a bad park..Mr. Dan is bad teacher. 5. Write two facts about Colombian food..the Colombian food have a especial recet (receta)..the badeja paisas have beens. 6.Write two opinions about Colombian food..The fast food of Colombia food is good..the food is delicious. Yellow opinionGreen factTask ThreeCopy each of these passages onto a sheet of paper.Underline sentences you think present facts in one colour and sentences you think present opinions in a different colour."This has to be the most exciting game of football that I've seen so far. DavidBeckham is easily the best player on the pitch. He has scored five goals so far this season. I think he'll score a lot more!"Buy the new Superclean bathroom cleaner. It'll leave your bathroom sparkling...
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