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Total Area: 1,964,375 sq. km
Country comparison to the world: 15
* Slightly less than three times the size of Texas

Border countries: Belize, Guatemala andUSA
Natural resources: Petroleum, silver, copper, gold, lead, zinc, natural gas, timber

Population: 112,468,855 (July 2010 est)
Country comparison to the world: 11

Age structure:
0-14 years:28.7% (male 16,469,087/female 15,786,614)
15-64 years: 64.9% (male 35,290,051/female 37,723,834)
65 years and over: 6.4% (male 3,238,802/female 3,960,467) (2010 est.)

Total Median age: 26.7years
Male: 25.6 years
Female: 27.7 years

Population growth rate: 1.118%
Urban population: 77% of total population
Rate of urbanization: 1.5% annual rate of change

Country name: UnitedMexican States
Conventional short form: Mexico

Government type: Federal Republic
Capital: Mexico City (Distrito Federal)

Economy overview:
Mexico has a free market economy in the trillion dollarclass. It contains a mixture of modern and outmoded industry and agriculture, increasingly dominated by the private sector.
Recent administrations have expanded competition in seaports, railroads,telecommunications, electricity generation, natural gas distribution, and airports. Per capita income is roughly one-third that of the US; income distribution remains highly unequal.

Trade with theUS and Canada has nearly tripled since the implementation of NAFTA in 1994. Mexico has free trade agreements with over 50 countries including: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, the European Free TradeArea, Israel and Japan, putting more than 90% of trade under free trade agreements.
Mexico's GDP plunged 6.5% in 2009 as world demand for exports dropped and asset prices tumbled, but GDP isexpected to post positive growth late in 2010. The administration continues to face many economic challenges, including improving the public education system, upgrading infrastructure, modernizing labour...
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