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Led Zeppelin
* Born: 1968
* Birthplace: England
* Died: 1980
* Best Known As: Legendary rock performers of "Stairway to Heaven"
The Led Zeppelin tune "Stairway to Heaven" is one of rock music's most famous songs, and the band itself ranks up there near The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in rock 'n' roll fame. The band included singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bassistJohn Paul Jones (b. John Baldwin on 3 January 1946) and drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham (b. 31 May 1948). Led Zeppelin was formed in 1968 and the next year released a self-titled album of heavy, blues-based rock that went to #1 on the music charts. The immediate follow-up album, Led Zeppelin II, included the hits "Ramble On" and "Whole Lotta Love" and also went to the top of the charts. By 1971, when"Stairway to Heaven" came out on the group's mysteriously-untitled fourth album (known to fans as "Zoso"), Led Zeppelin had become a supergroup The band toured the world throughout the 1970s, becoming in many ways the prototypical hard-partying arena-rock band.
Fecha de nacimiento: 1968
     * Lugar de nacimiento: Inglaterra
     * Murió: 1980
     * Mejor conocido como: los artistas de rocklegendaria de "Stairway to Heaven"

Los Led Zeppelin canción "Stairway to Heaven" es una de las canciones más famosas de la música rock, y la banda en sí está a la altura cerca de The Beatles y The Rolling Stones en la fama del rock 'n' roll. La banda de la cantante Robert Plant, el guitarrista Jimmy Page, el bajista John Paul Jones (nacido John Baldwin el 3 de enero de 1946) y el bateristaJohn "Bonzo" Bonham (nacido el 31 de mayo de 1948). Led Zeppelin se formó en 1968 y al año siguiente lanzó un álbum homónimo de pesado, blues y rock que llegó al # 1 en las listas de música. El seguimiento inmediato del álbum, Led Zeppelin II, incluye los éxitos "Ramble On" y "Whole Lotta Love" y también fue a la cima de las listas. En 1971, cuando "Stairway to Heaven" salió en el grupomisteriosamente sin título, el cuarto álbum (conocido por los fans como "Zoso"), Led Zeppelin se había convertido en un supergrupo conocido por guitarras y letras místicas produciendo y para las voces gritando Plant. La banda recorrió el mundo a lo largo de la década de 1970, convirtiéndose en muchos aspectos, el prototipo de la dura-fiesta arena-rock.



Acclaimed by many as the most important UK band of the 80s, the Smiths were formed in Manchester, England during the spring of 1982. Morrissey (b. Steven Patrick Morrissey, 22 May 1959, Davyhulme, Manchester, England) and Johnny Marr (b. John Maher, 31 October 1963, Ardwick, Manchester, England) originally combined as a songwriting partnership, and only their names appeared on any contractbearing the title "Smiths". By September, the duo had settled on the name "The Smiths" as a reaction against all bands who chose complicated names to emphasise their music, and recruited Marr's schoolmate Andy Rourke as their bass player and Mike Joyce as their drummer. The Smiths made their live debut late in 1982 and their live appearances were sporadic. At this time they had already rejected arecord deal with the Mancunian Factory Records.
By the summer of 1982, the duo decided to form a group and recorded demos with drummer Simon Wolstencroft and a recording engineer named Dale. Wolstencroft subsequently declined an offer to join the Smiths and in later years became a member of the Fall. Eventually, Mike Joyce (b. 1 June 1963, Fallowfield, Manchester, England) was recruited asdrummer, having previously played with the punk-inspired Hoax and Victim.

Aclamado por muchos como la banda más importante del Reino Unido de los años 80, los Smiths se formaron en Manchester, Inglaterra, durante la primavera de 1982. Morrissey (nacido Steven Patrick Morrissey, 22 de mayo de 1959, Davyhulme, Manchester, Inglaterra) y Johnny Marr (nacido John Maher, 31 de octubre de 1963, Ardwick,...
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