Fantasma de la opera

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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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HISTORY IS THAT A GHOST IN THE OPERA HOUSE He left a letter saying that he left the box 5, MadameGiry took him flowers.
the ghost was in love with a singer named Christine but she was in love with raul.
One day he wrote afantasy carlotta tasting the file saying not to sing it ignored him and the ghost dropped the candle on it and the operator toclose for several weeks. One day Christine site to Raul in the top of the theater and said that the ghost of kidnapping, took downthe theater in a river and the ghost said his name was Eric, also took off the mask was very ugly and said I had to get awayfrom Raul, but Raul said that his love was stronger The next day his brother Raul encentra in the cabin and the Phantom locks themin a closet full of mirrors where it was very hot in the ghost was with Christine and told her that her mother had never kissedand kissed Cristinel The Raul left ghost-free and let's Cristine fuea vz cheese was the last he saw Christine and Raul
REVIEWI like reading because it is a story where you have fun from beginning to end, show you things you do not expect and givesyou a good ending for all and open so you can imagine what happened, I had not read but I liked and would recommend to anyone