Feelings and thoughts

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The aim presented in this section is to describe and show what is a feeling and a thought, how and why they are created and emerged from each person, their relation between each other, also how they may affect a person’s life and academic, social and cultural performance and how they are evidenced and showed in person’s actions within a specific context, that is theschool. All those taking into account a girl who has experienced a traumatic situation in her life, that is her displacement from her birthtown and being taking away from her parents and relatives because of a bad economical situation, in this case a displaced English learner, who at this point is going through her resiliency process in a new city, who is the object of this research. Obviously, beingbased on some psychological and anthropological theories about what a person feels and thinks, with the purpose of finding out the reasons why she feels and thinks in the way she does and if it is the cause of her daily performance.
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• Some things in life cause people to feel, these are called emotional reactions. Some things in life cause people to think, these aresometimes called logical or intellectual reactions. Thus life is divided between things that make you feel and things that make you think.
Most importantly, it is to know what a feeling and a thought stand for, one relation between them is Pettinelli’s (2009), he states that Life is divided between feelings and thoughts. Accordingly, there are two different types of reactions in people’s life, ones arewhich make them feel, that are named emotional reactions -feelings; besides which those ones which make them think, that are named logical or intellectual reactions –thoughts. In fact, there are bad and good, or negative and positive feelings and thoughts; their existence depends on the background, the previous experiences, age, culture, education, likes, dislikes, environment, time or mood of theperson who is having them, so they do not always are the same and they vary and change according to those facts, as well as one cannot expect someone feels or thinks in the same way another person does.
• The thoughts and the feelings correspond, however. That is, if you are thinking it is bad, then you are going to feel that it is bad. Thus thought and feeling are really one and the same. Butthoughts are really clearer than feelings. Thought and feeling may result in the same amount of attention to something, but thought is more precise. It is more precise for you to think that the computer is good, then to feel that the computer is good. Who knows why you feel the computer is good, but if you were thinking the computer is good then you would know why you thought that. Emotions andfeelings are more obscure.
….But you are realizing it is a thought, not an emotion: so this realization takes over and now the emotion is part of that realization (because you consider the emotion a part of you, and you generated the realization), instead of the realization being a part of the emotion (and since it seems like the emotion belongs to the realization (you), instead of vice versa, youcall it a thought instead of an emotion, because you generated the thought (and hence it also seems that you are now consciously also generating the emotion (the emotion coming from the thought))). So that would mean that all emotions have route in real things, and these real things can be explained with thoughts, so all emotions then are really thoughts that you haven’t realized; an emotion wouldjust be a thought that you haven’t identified yet, so the term “emotion” goes away when you realize it is a thought (because that is what it really was all along, a thought) (though this thought might still be generating a feeling). So, since you perceive the emotion as belonging to you, and you generate thoughts consciously, you consider the emotion to be part of a thought, not vice versa (and...
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