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| | DinnerWaiter: Good Evening Miss Gonzalez and Mr. Santelices do you have a reservation?Mr. Santelice: Yes, we do. Waiter: Ok Sirthis way , please.Would you like to see the menu?Miss Gonzalez: Yes please. Waiter: here you are, would you like anythng to drink.Mr. Santelices: Yes, please. May I see thewine list?Waiter: its inside the menuMr. Santelices: Well have a bottle of Casillero del diablo, please.Miss Gonzalez: Excellent choice!Waiter: Are youready to order, sir?Mr. Santelice: Yes. I would like an empanada for starter. Miss Gonzalez: ill have the same pleaseWaiter: ok two empanadas, whatwould you like for the main course? I can offer you corn pie, do you like it.Miss Gonzales: Corn pie for me please, it sounds delicious.Mr. Santelices: Iprefer Cazuela.Waiter: so it’s a corn pie and a Cazuela ok, what would you like for desert?Mr. Santelices: what do you recommend us?Waiter: well, I llsuffest you Mote con Huesillos or papayas Miss Gonzales: I’d like Mote con huesillos.Mr. Santelices: ill have Papaya.Waiter: Here you are. Would you likeanything else?Mr. Santelices: l guess I’ll have a cup of coffeeMiss Gonzalez: and id like some herbal teaWaiter: here you areMr. Santelices: thankyouPausa para comer…….Mr. Santelices: Waiter!! Waiter: Yes Mr. Santelices.Mr. Santelices: can I have the bill please??Waiter: Ok sir, right way. Waiter: it isfifty thousand pesosMr. Santelices: thank you very much, good byeMiss Gonzalez: your welcome Waiter: your welcome, have a good evening. |
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