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Part 1- Announcement
Kean University Police Officer
To apply you must fulfill the following requirements:
Must pass medical and drug screening
Minimum of 21 yearsof age
Body fat not to exceed 17%
Must not be color blind
A. Minimum of 60 college credits
B. Two years of progressively responsible experience that show the ability to learn andapply detailed and complex regulations and procedures that involve making sound judgment based on the application of directions, regulations, or laws.
C. 2 Years of military experienceMust be bilingual
Must pass federal background check
Must be a United States Citizen
Must have a valid NJ Driver's License without restrictions
Must only be aresident of the following counties
Salary and Benefits
The base pay will increase every year to $76,500 after 5½ years. When including base pay,longevity pay, night shift differential, holiday pay, and uniform allowance, a Police Officer will earn $91,000 before overtime after 5½ years of service. See chart below.
||Base Pay |Total with Compensation |
|October 09 Academy |$40,000 |$44,000 |
|November 1, 2009|$42,000 |$46,000 |
|After 1 ½ years |$44,000 |$49,000 |
|After 2 ½ years |$49,000|$54,000 |
|After 3 ½ years |$54,000 |$59,000 |
|After 4 ½ years |$58,000|$63,000 |
|After 5 years |$58,500 |$69,000 |
|After 5 ½ years |$76,500 |$91,000...
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