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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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Element Data Sheet JL3.5-0.2


The JONELL “Sock” Series are rolled type filter elements manufactured using specific blends of media designed for a range of applications in the oiland gas industry. Our custom design insures the compatibility as well as the efficiency of each Jonell element. The filter mat produced by the exclusive Jonell process provides a uniform gradientdensity filter media designed for long life and high particulate retention. The filter media is placed around a spiral locked metal core that provides superior support to resist high differential pressureswithout collapse. Jonell sock elements also provides for a gradual and predictable differential pressure increase without channeling or bypassing. The JONELL “Sock” series is one of the oldest, mosteconomical, and most trusted filtration technologies in the oil and gas industry today. Jonell sock elements are among the most robust designs available and like most Jonell products, offer variousoptions in design and material availabilities to assure your application receives the ideal solution required to achieve your desired result. Rolled Sock Type Filter Cartridges

CENTERCORE : MEDIA CARRIERS : MEDIA AVAILABLE: OUTER SOCK : END SEALS: Tinned Carbon Steel– Spiral locked with integral spring Cerex - Remay - Cheese Cloth Jonell Blend– White Cotton - Polypropylene CottonSlasher - Excelsior - Various proprietary blends Cotton—Orlon– Polypropylene To prevent bypass this element can be provided with a metal plug

JB media (Jonell Blend) is designed toeconomically filter lubricating oils in compressors and other rotating equipment , giving long life and resistance to degradation by naturally occurring acids generated during operation Thecomposition is 60% cotton and 40% polyester with efficiencies ranging from 2 microns up to 125 microns. JP media is 100% polypropylene and commonly used in water applications at temperatures below 160OF...
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