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Rules of Purification and Prayers

Prepared by: Abdurrahmaan M. Murad

©Cooperative Office of Call and Guidance at Sulay , 2006 King Fahad National Library Cataloging-in-Publication Data Murad, Abdulrrahman Rules of Purification and Prayers. / Abdulrrahman Murad; Riyadh, 2006 71p ; 21cm ISBN: 9960-9808-1-2 1- Prayer - Islam 2- Purification ( Islamicfiqh ) 252.2 dc 1427/4318 1- Title

L.D. no. 1427/4318 ISBN: 9960-9808-1-2

Rules of Purification and Prayers

Table of Contents
Terminology used in this book Introduction Purification Merits of purification Means of purification Manners related to answering the call of nature Impurities Sunan al-Fitrah Wudhu Its Merit How to perform it Preconditions of Wudhu Obligatory acts of Wudhu Sunnahacts of Wudhu Blameworthy acts during wudhu Nullifiers of Wudhu Things that do not nullify the Wudhu Actions which require wudhu Wiping over the Khuff Ghusl Tayammum Salah Sujood Sahu 3 4 5 7 9 11 14 16 19 19 20 23 24 26 28 28 29 30 32 36 40 48 68

Rules of Purification and Prayers

Terminology used in this Book
1. Rubb: Some prefer to translate the term 'Rubb' into 'Lord.' Beside the factthat the latter is a Biblical term referring to the alleged lordship of the slave of Allah, Prophet Jesus, the word 'lord' which is limited to 'master', 'chief', 'proprietor', or 'ruler', can never convey the conclusive signification of the term 'Rubb'. Among other signification, the term 'Rubb' means, the Creator, the Fashioner, the Provider, the One upon Whom all creatures depend for their meansof subsistence, and the One Who gives life and causes death.
2. Deen: The word translated as religion is 'Deen', which in Arabic commonly refers to a way of life, which is both private and public. It is an inclusive term meaning: acts of worship, political practice, and a detailed code of conduct, including hygiene or etiquette matters.

3. [:I] Sal'lal'laaho a'laihi wa sal'lam. Some translateit as peace be upon him. This translation is incorrect; the correct translation is, may Allah exalt his mention, and render him and his household safe and secure from every derogatory thing. 4. [.$.] Radi Allahu anhu. This means: 'with whom Allah is pleased.' It is said when a Companion's name is mentioned.


Rules of Purification and Prayers

All praise is due to Allah,Whose aid we implore, and Whose forgiveness, guidance and protection against our own evil sinful acts we seek. He Whom Allah guides aright none can lead astray, and whom He leads astray none can guide aright. I testify that there is no true god worthy of being worshipped except Allah, Who has no partner and I testify that Muhammad (:I) is the slave of Allah and His Messenger. May Allah exalt hismention and render him, his household and his Companions safe from all evil. This is a short, but beneficial treatise on purification and Prayers. I will state general guidelines concerning each matter and clarify common mistakes that are made during the Wudhu and Prayer. I ask Allah, the Exalted, to bless this work and to make people benefit from it. Ameen


Rules qfPurification and Prayers...
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