Foreign policy

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EU Integra.

Foreign Policy.
Foreign policies are the strategies governments use to guide their actions in the international arena, this to have excellent relations with allstates, and thus focus the mind, the rational model, the process model of the organization and finally the government negotiation.
The basic objectives of foreign policy is handled should always bebased on national interest, not forgetting that they must always be supported.
The rational model of decision making is when the same workers whose actions help improve the state's goals.
Theorganizational process model refers to the results of routine administrative processes.
In the negotiation model of governance refers to the results of negotiations between governments with differentgovernmental interest for everyone.
A state must always be willing to negotiate with another, since it must preserve the bond between the two countries.
However I think that at the time, a foreign policythat separates us from the dangers of irrelevance, vulnerability and poverty-will require a presence on the world's most active and widespread than ever, because, as in any other instance in ourhistory will require the concerted effort who knows diplomacy with skill, opening policies, to locate business opportunities for our production and structure with the most diverse countries that promote ourinterests.
Finally the consequences mentioned in the text are caused due to bad decisions and factors that interfere in the decision process. So that most of times is difficult to obtain informationthat is happening with the foreign policy of our country for being hidden by the ambassadors themselves or who are in charge of this area.

International Organization, Law and Human Rights.
Agreeto read International the anarchy is balanced by world order and institutions that states uses to cooperate for mutual benefits. The reading explains the role of the ONU in the world’s laws and...
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