Foreign policy workshop

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Foreign Policy Workshop 

One country that Colombia should strengthen the bilateral relations with is China. Considering the economical aspect of this situation it is veryimportant to have a partner such as China, because this country has an economy that is in the top 5 of the world. On the other hand because the future of its economy shines so bright to beone of the most powerful and influential on the globe, and not only because its GDP is $9.872 trillion (2010 est.) , but also because chinas oil consumption is 8.2 million bbl/day(2009 est.).Also Colombia wants to open new markets for products like meat, ferro-nickel, petroleum products, plastics and value added leather goods. Likeweise important will be thenew strategies used to approach markets of common interest for both countries, especially in the American continent, and last the Chinese government will include Colombia as one ofthe official tourist destination for their people.

On the other hand we have the political aspect,that is bounded with the trade relations explained before. It is known thateconomical interests are one of the top interests of all nations, and when this aspect is well covered then come other relations in this case political strengthening of Colombian andChinese. It is very important to have presence in the Asian region, as this place is new und “unexplored” mostly in economical aspects and It is a clear manifestation ofdetermination to identify common interests and expanding sectors and issues of exchange and dialogue for both parts. In the future all these well grown relations in matter of diplomatic relations andbilateral trade will give its results having in mind all the positive insights that can bring about when a country like Colombia teams up with an about to burst power like china.
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