Forest animals

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Forest Animals!!
Fabulous Foxes: Foxes belong to the canid family and include such species as red fox, kit fox, swift fox, fennec fox, arctic fox and gray fox, just to name a few. While somespecies of canid have been hunted almost to extinction because of their penchant for livestock and the depletion of their natural habitats, some species of fox such as the red fox have adapted well tochanging times and find great opportunities for food and shelter in urban environments. The red fox is not a finicky eater, and will ingest beetles, worms, frogs, birds, eggs, mice, fruits and refuse.Similar Characteristics: All species of foxes have similar characteristics. They tend to be light brown, reddish, gray or dark brown in color, except for the arctic fox, which is pure white inwinter. Most foxes have relatively large ears that stand up straight and long bushy tails. Home for most foxes is a den tucked away among rock crevices, an abandoned rabbit burrow or a tree hole in thecase of the gray fox.


Hunters of the Night: Owls are the silent hunters of the night. At first glance they may look like a typical day-flying predator, like the hawk or eagle, but theirspecial adaptations allow them to find prey under the cover of night. Large eyes collect all available light, even if it's only the light of the moon; their sensitive ears can hear the tiniest scamperingsound of prey; and soft wings make them silent stalkers.

Food Preference: Food preference depends on the owl species. Most feed on insects, birds or small mammals, but some species, such as thePel's fishing owl, feed on fish. Owls ingest all parts of their prey — skin, bone and feathers. After several hours they will regurgitate the indigestible bits in the form of a pellet, which arecollected in their nest or roosting site.

Found Worldwide: The two families of owl — typical and barnyard — can be found in a variety of habitats worldwide, one of those: forests.

The eagle is...
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