Former guerillas

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  • Publicado : 28 de abril de 2010
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Former Guerrillas Members and Paramilitaries must be taken to the ICJ

Guerrillas and paramilitary groups in Colombia have been present approximately since 50 years ago, generating violence in thiscountry. Although, it is important to clarify that at the beginning these groups had strong arguments to go against the government, they had clear ideals and goals and they were fighting for a faircause. But with the time these objectives and principles disappeared and the real ideological basis of the guerrilla and paramilitary groups was lost. The consequences that brought that lost of theobjectives are the main reasons why these groups must be taken to the International Court of Justice.

It is important to clarify, although it is a long story, why the origins and principles of theguerrilla groups were valid at the beginning,
They had fair causes because when guerrilla’s groups were formed, there was a huge conflict between the two political parties that Colombia had, liberalsand conservatives. The conflict consisted in a fight for the political control of Colombia, but it was a very aggressive fight, so plenty of violent acts were committed since that time. The conflict wasaggressive because conservatives didn’t accept liberals and liberals didn’t accept conservatives, so when conservatives took the power no one with liberal ideas could be in the government and theyexcluded liberals from official political life. Liberals also did the same when they took the power.

Besides political parties also used to expropriate the lands from the farmers that were from theopposite political party, which generated anger in the people, and in a first instance this was the reason why the guerrilla groups were formed, to recover and protect their lands. The guerrillas weremainly from the left wing, so they started fighting against the conservative government, because guerrilla groups were looking for a socialist system and the conservatives preferred a capitalistic...
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