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Chapter 1
the first chapter of the book SCHINDLER LIST spoke of Oscar history when he lived with his parents. This chapter discusses how Oscar and his family lived in a small industrial city. Thischapter addresses issues such as the general information of Oscar and all his family and as the time made life very drastic changes in the mandate and primarily as Jews. The book began with thehistory of Zwittau as political changes in mandate and / or government which first the royal Zwittau Franz Josef and admired many parents like Oscar.

Oscar's father named Hans Schindler managed his ownfarm machinery and Hans was associated increasingly with Oscar for the engineering study. Hans bought fancy things for himself and his family bought like a good wine, good snuff and stuff.Schindler's family consists of mom, dad and a sister, Elfriede that when they studied shared many a Jew named Kantor with always playing in the gardens of nearby houses.

Oscar started to like him andracing motorcycles in his teens that he began to compete in professional careers, Oscar's father supported him much that he wanted Oscar to fulfill all your dreams and distracted both the sport began toforgotten your future and life for him and Hans wanted so decided to leave racing motorcycles and so focus on life as a businessman.

Oscar's father abandoned his entire family, leaving the motherof Oscar Schindler very sad and got a job. After a while Oscar's mother died, leaving practically only Oscar. At the funeral were a lot of the Nazi party to be with Oscar and what remained of hisfamily.
Chapter 2
Chapter two of Oscar talks when it was moving to Krakow but he was leaving his wife practically without any protection. when he was starting his new life in Krakow began getting a jobthat was related to what he was doing his father at work and was so famous he was taking the job was changing his way of living and relating with people was very important that they were now...
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