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  • Publicado : 8 de enero de 2012
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FRACTURE is a heartbreaking, laugh out loud experience that everyone needs to pick up. Author Megan Miranda makes you do everything from crying andlaughing, to throwing your book across the room!

When Delaney Maxwell falls through the ice, her best friend Decker saves her... eleven minutes later. WhenDelaney wakes up in the hospital after being in a coma, her doctor says she beat the odds. No one should be alive after being under water for eleven minutes.What transpires next, is a series of events that will have you churning for more. Delaney begins to question life. Her parents struggle with the reality thattheir daughter was technically dead, but now walking among them, complete with some slight erratic behavior. And then, there is the mysterious Troy, who isdrawn to Delaney.

In the process of dealing with the after effects, Delaney begins to lose her best friend. Decker, who is also struggling from theincident, suddenly gains the attention of the popular girl at school, leaving Delaney hurt and disappointed.

Decker and Delaney struggle with their feelings,emotionally and physically, while both try to figure out just where the other went wrong.

The struggles that Delaney goes through are devastating; you can'thelp but weep for her. From nightmares, to a distant mother, to a boy who wants you as his own and another that you want but can't have, I was amazed at howresilient this character is. There is never a "woe is me" moment for Delaney Maxwell.

FRACTURE is out in stores January 17th, but you won't want to wait!
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