Frailed crime

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  • Publicado : 16 de junio de 2010
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Failed crime

This story begins with the attempted murder of Susan a single mother who lived with her son, Luis in Cartagena in 5 º Street. One day at bedtimeSusan heard noises in the window as if she was calling, but she did not care. At 12:00pm again she heard the noise and now she went and looked out the window of the room, she saw a manwith long hair and beard; he said he needed the phone to call home, Susan was scared to view and closed the curtain to ignore it. At that moment Susan ran to the back door to make sure shewas looked, but she never fixed the window, then Susan went to her son´s room to make sure that he was not raised

Then Susan went to the kitchen for a juice, but she found asurprise the man whom she had ignored, she was shocked and started screaming but Mr. Covered her mouth and threatened with a knife. He took her to the room covered her mouth with tape and tiedher hands and feet, raped her and then stabbed the abdomen hit 10, after the mysterious man was the room to make sure the child was a slept, the child had to be a slept not to kill him.Then who? He ran to see how her breast as he saw so much blood, ran to her neighbour to ask for help, he? Called the police immediately and Susan was saved. Detectives investigated andfound a fingerprint on the bed are table of Susan. The investigation found the right choice.

10 years after the attempted murder of Susan the police did a similar case, two blocksbeyond the house of Susan, he caught the person responsible of the his murderers perceived prints with those found in the light of Susan. The name of the man can´t be revealed but if hewas given two life sentences for the murder of another woman and the attempted murder of Susan. Susan in those moments she realized her life would worth much, but that her son was much more
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