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Introduction. (Mori)
 The new Microsoft technology offers solutions to the problems of current programming, such as administration or programming code for the Internet. To takefull advantage of the features. Net is necessary to understand the basic architecture in which this technology is implemented and benefit from all the features offered by this new platform. TheFramework.Net is an infrastructure that meets a whole range of languages and services that greatly simplify development of applications. Using this tool provides a highly distributed runtime environment,to create robust and scalable applications. The main components of this environment are:

• Compile Languages
• Class Library. Net
• CLR (Common Language Runtime)

Currently, the Framework.Net isa platform not included in the different operating systems distributed by Microsoft, so installation is required prior to the implementation of programs created by.Net The Framework can be downloadedfor free from Microsoft's official website.
.Net Framework supports multiple programming languages and although each language has its own characteristics, you can develop any application with any ofthese languages. There are more than 30 languages adapted to. Net, since better known as C # (C Sharp), Visual Basic or C to other lesser known languages such as Perl or Cobol.

Programming.NETFramework in Visual Studio
Modelo de programación en .NET (Mori)

Applications.NET Framework services are compiled common language runtime and take advantage of the class library. NET FrameworkCommon Language Runtime manages memory, thread execution, code execution, security testing of code, compilation and other system. the services class library. Net Framework is an object-oriented collectionof reusable types that are integrated closely with the Common Language Runtime. It can use these types to develop traditional applications command line or graphical user interface (GUI ) and...
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