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  • Publicado : 16 de noviembre de 2011
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Ideology and Utopia
José Campoverde López and Agnelio Vargas Gómez
“The Freeganism Movement”

The capitalism is the system shaped by man who continues increasing the consuming in humans beings,connected with advertisements both are the perfect complement to finish with the existence of earth’s resources. So in this essay we want to show how a movement tired of this system creates a way tosurvive with out them, creating their own practices.

Freeganism is a movement created in 1990’s, which consists in a lifestyle whereby people employ alternative living strategies based on limitedparticipation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources, so for being more specific they are an anti-consumerist movement. 1

This movement began in mid-1990, along with theantiglobalization and environmental movements. It's part of your lifestyle food retrieve discarded in trash bins of supermarkets and restaurants.


The Freeganism rescue food forpolitical reasons, rather than necessity. 2

Something that its really interesting is that when they want to get medicine, they don’t do in classical pharmacies, instead of that, they get them in theircommunities because they create their gardens with medicinal plants, in this way Freeganism movement doesn’t damage their health system with manufactured drugs that in many cases have chemical thatare not good for our healthiness.

Most of them are vegetarians, they support animals boycotting products that are made of it, and they are against of animal abuse, that’s why they always are strikingon about animal rights.

In addition, Freeganism movement thinks that people should make value his right have a home where live; they don’t consider it as a luxury good. They have a though abouthomeless which consist in If there are places in buildings available people can use them. Even though for us this is not right actually because even the building’s empty, this is no property of them...
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