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1. The author states that rock is the most versatile kind of music. Do you agree?
Yes, because as we already discuss there are many kinds of Rock music. Pop Rock, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Classic,etc.
2. According to the article, what might have been the reasons rock began to be classified into different categories? Do you think this classifying is necessary? What other propuse may itserve?
I think this is good so people can express their own rock in so many different ways, it doesn’t has to be always about yelling, I can also express your feelings when you are down, as Emo musicworks. A kind of rock it can also express the age is going through like Grunge in the 90’s. I think is a good idea to classify rock so every person can choose what kind of Rock he or she wants to listen3. What’s ironic about the following statement: “There are so many categories that is difficult to distinguish one from another”?
I think there’s nothing ironic about it. Music can be expressin many different ways that some songs can be heard as the same. It’s true that nowadays everyone can write a rock song but it will never fit in two categories, the reason why was written, the rhythmis what labels it into one.
4. Some people say that most performers of a certain kind of music like country, rap, and electronic, etc. sound pretty much the same. Do you agree?
No. As I alreadysay a song can be written exactly the same twice. The rhythm, lyrics, singer is what makes a song unique. If that was true, every song of this kind of music will be a hit. Because if one song succeedwhy not the other one do, If all sound the same, as the question says.
5. How many rock categories have you heard of?
So many I can’t even say a number. There’s Pop Rock, Alternative, HeavyMetal, Rock n Roll, Grunge, Classic, trash metal, Gothic, Electronic Rock.
6. Why can a ban turn unclassifiable?
A ban can go through several phases. They want to feel free to try different sounds...