From the stone age to the silicon era

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From the Stone Age to the Silicon Era

Since the beginning of the ages, man’s curiosity for exploring has made the world even a better place to live in many ways. The civilization has beenaccomplished by the discovery of many materials From these materials just three make a difference from the others. What are these materials? Copper, Silicon and Petroleum.

Without these materialselectricity wouldn’t be possible. Imagine a world without electricity! Electicity could be replaced by steam engines but is not that simple. Copper, Silicon and Petroleum have also different uses rather thanelectrical. Lets start with the first one, the copper.

* Copper is often used to color glass. It is also one component of ceramic glaze.
* Many musical instruments, particularlybrass instruments, are made out of copper.
* Some structures, such as the Statue of Liberty, are made with copper.

Yes, believe it or not these are just some of copper uses. The we have theSilicon.

* Silicones are used in high temperature greases and waxes, breast implants, contact lenses, explosives and pyrotechnics (like fireworks).
* Sand, which contains silicon, isa very important component of glass.
* In the future, silicon may replace coal as the main source of electricity.

And finally we have the petroleum which has thousands of uses. We we’ll bementioning just some petroleum derivatives

Petroleum derivatives:
* Wax: Used in the packaging of frozen foods, among others.
* Alkenes:W hich can be manufactured into plastics or othercompounds.
* Lubricants: Produces light machine oils, motor oils, and greases, adding viscosity stabilizers as required.

We talked about about a world without these materials in the beginnning ofthe essay, but what if that was true? We’ll be looking for alternative energy like for example the Solar, Wind energy or even more!

Solar Power:
From an environmental perspective, solar power is...
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