Funciones sort

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Funciones sort:
• PARSE, OUTREC, BUILD, OVERLAY, FINDREP, or IFTHEN reformat the output records for an OUTFIL group. These parameters allow you to rearrange,
| edit, replace, remove andchange fixed position/length fields or variable position/length fields from the OUTFIL input records and to insert blanks, zeros, strings, current date, future date, past date, current time, sequencenumbers, decimal constants, and the results of arithmetic expressions.
OVERLAY allows you to change specific existing columns without affecting the entire record.

| FINDREP allows youto do various find and replace operations.
IFTHEN clauses allow you to reformat different records in different ways according to the criteria you specify. IFOUTLEN can be used with IFTHENclauses to set the output LRECL.
OUTREC or BUILD gives you complete control over the items in your reformatted records and the order in which they appear, and also allows you to produce multiplereformatted output records from each input record, with or without intervening blank output records.
VTOF or CONVERT can be used with OUTREC or BUILD to convert variable-length input records tofixed-length output records.
VLFILL can be used to allow processing of variable-length input records which are too short to contain all specified OUTREC or BUILD fields.
TRAILER1 and TRAILER2operands: Outside of the suboperands TOTAL, TOT, MIN, MAX, AVG, SUBTOTAL, SUBTOT, SUB, SUBMIN, SUBMAX and SUBAVG: You can use symbols where you can use output columns (c:), fields (p,m) and non-repeatedconstants ('xx...x', C'xx...x' and X'yy...yy', but not n'xx...x', nC'xx...x' or nX'yy...yy'). A symbol for p or p,m or p,m,f results in substitution of p: for symbol: (output column). A symbol forp,m,f always results in substitution of p,m. A symbol for 'string' always results in substitution of C'string'.
Inside of the suboperands TOTAL, TOT, MIN, MAX, AVG, SUBTOTAL, SUBTOT, SUB, SUBMIN,...